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7 Barriers to Gardening in Colorado (and how to do it anyway)

7 Barriers to Gardening in Colorado

  1. Shade
  1. Space
    • 4’x4’ is all you need to start growing your own food. If you don’t have the land, consider the “hell strip” between the sidewalk and street. Consider a friend’s house. Or a neighbor’s yard—offer to share the produce!
  1. Soil
    • If you live in Colorado, join the club. The soil here usually just sucks. Luckily, we’ve spent more money and time than we’d like to admit developing a good soil mix for raised beds. Check out our blog on how to amend your soil each season.
  1. Pests (dogs, rabbits, squirrels)
    • Depending on the pest, we have the answer. The catch-all solution is to use our standard PVC frame with a giant net over the top and clamped to the bed. That will keep out just about everything.
    • For rabbits only, we suggest drilling grade stakes onto the outside of your raised bed. Buy the 3’ Poultry Fencing from Home Depot, cut it in half the long way, and staple it to the grade stakes and directly to the raised bed.
    • For dogs only, train them! It will be a lifelong investment that will pay off in the future.
  1. Vacation during summer
    • Weed and harvest before you leave, turn on the drip irrigation, and enjoy your vacation. If you have a shade/hail protective cover, leave that on too.
  1. Know-How
    • The majority of humans for the past 10,000 years have been growing food (except for the last 100 years or so). It’s in your genes. You can make it happen.
    • Get a quote on an Urban Farm Company garden and the rest is easy.
  1. Your Significant Other
    • Good luck!

What else? Let us know what other barriers you’re facing. We can help you overcome most things…we’ve already figured it out. Ask a question on our website and we’ll give you our best answer!

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