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How should we eat?

By December 5, 2015 December 8th, 2015 Nutrition & Cooking, Uncategorized
[From our email chain “10 Great Garden Tips“]

How should we eat, actually?

The purpose of the Urban Farm Company is to bring you back to the garden, back to the kitchen, to nourish your body and life with healthy food that you grow yourself.

At our core, we believe in teaching people how to eat right.

But we don’t fully understand one thing…How are we really supposed to eat?

One of my friend’s swears by her Paleo diet, consisting of a lot of meat. The Weston Price Foundation and numerous nutritionists and doctors preach that too many grains are toxic (especially un-soaked or un-fermented). They say we need to eat more meat, butter, and veggies, and leave the grains out. Wait, even the quinoa that’s the symbol of our crunchy lifestyle is now bad?

Another friend swears by his vegan diet. The famous book “The China Study” and the documentary “Forks Over Knives” sheds light on how toxic meat is for our bodies. The small pockets of people around world who don’t eat animal products have NO heart disease, stroke, cancer, or almost any other degenerative diseases. Many great endurance athletes are turning toward vegan diets based on faster recovery and higher overall performance.

Wow! Two very differing opinions. Obviously everyone is different and everyone’s bodies respond to different diets, but are humans really THAT different?

We find solace in the fact that most major nutritional opinions believe that “more vegetables” is always a good thing, and homegrown veggies are best! That seems to be the only non-controversial thing.

We wanted to reach out to you, because honestly, you might know more about what the “right” answer is than we do.

What is your approach to food? What do you believe? Add a comment below or sign up for this email chain to give us an earful!

Happy Gardening.


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