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Indoor Vs. Outdoor Cannabis Growing

By February 14, 2013 December 8th, 2015 Garden Planning, Uncategorized

The Advantages of Indoor Vs Outdoor Growing

Indoors (Private, Year-Round, Protected)

  • Ability to grow year-round
  • Privacy – it’s out of sight and neighbors can’t smell it
  • Don’t have to worry about plants getting enormous like they can outdoors
  • Don’t have to worry protecting the plant from hail, squirrels, or rabbits
  • Can be grown in any basement, closet, or spare bedroom
  • Easier to manipulate the plant through its lifecycle by changing the light

Outdoors (Cheaper, Easier, Higher Yield)

  • Higher Yield – you can produce 2-3x the amount on each plant
  • You don’t have to worry about smell inside your house
  • It doesn’t require lighting or ventilation, so it is much less expensive
  • It’s a more natural and organic way to grow
  • Less work
  • Don’t have to worry about pest infestations inside your house

What It Might Look Like Indoors




What It Might Look Like Outdoors





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