Why We Exist

Our goal is to empower thousands of people to start growing food in their backyard. We believe in disruptive eating — producing and consuming fresh, healthy, and sustainable food in a way that gives consumers the power to eat right and take control of their food.

Instead of spending years figuring out how to grow food, we want to help others grow better food by making gardening easier and more fun. Our customers make up a tribe of people who are inspired to grow their own food in a simple and fun way, fueled by each successful harvest. We service the entire Front Range of Colorado, and look forward to helping you feed your inner farmer.


Feed Your Inner Farmer

Our Mission

Urban Farm CO is focused on increasing the number of gardens in communities and decreasing the time, knowledge, and confidence barriers preventing people from growing their own food. Our entire service is designed to make gardening easier, less time consuming, and more fruitful for the average person.

We believe that the experience of growing your own food—from getting your hands in the soil to walking out your back door to harvest dinner with your kids—is an experience that every person should have. The benefits are endless (and well documented)!

The magic of homegrown food should exist in every backyard, and Urban Farm CO is here to make it happen.

The Need

Besides producing more nutrient-dense food than anything you could buy from the grocery store?

The issues connected to our food system are daunting. Agriculture contributes significantly to global carbon emissions and extensive air and water pollution. Foodborne illness kills 3,000 Americans each year, sickening an additional 48 million.

For the first time in history, our children will live shorter lives than we will—mostly due to diet-caused illness like diabetes, heart disease, and obesity. A handful of corporations control our food supply and the genetic diversity of our crops.

If that’s not enough, several global issues will converge to shock our food system in the next decade: climate change, fossil fuel shortage, and increased demand for food crops. These forces all spell higher food prices in the U.S. and abroad. We see food as an integrated solution to our most pressing health, environmental, poverty, and community issues. The simple act of growing a garden protects you from these problems while simultaneously reducing their very causes.

Who We Are

Twyla Lynch

Owner and CEO

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Twyla and her husband Tim purchased Urban Farm CO in August 2016. Twyla is passionate about learning new skills and leading a healthy lifestyle. As the new owner and CEO of the Urban Farm CO, Twyla has learned everything from how to haul 350 pounds of soil into someone’s backyard, to how to read the sun to know the perfect location for a raised bed. As a locavore, Twyla believes that growing your own food is an empowering start to a healthy lifestyle and she is excited to participate in a growing movement of people learning to garden and glean the health benefits of homegrown food. Twyla also makes a mean bone broth and is interested in the medicinal benefits of whole foods and herbs.

Our Customers Love Us

— We Think You Will Too —

“My experience with The Urban Farm Company was exceptional. For anyone who wants a garden, but doesn’t want to weed or amend soil, this is your solution.”

– David W.

“The whole process was a snap. Within two weeks of contacting them, our garden was sited, installed, planted, and set up with an automatic irrigation system – along with advice on how to go from seed to harvest.”

– Lorie F.

“They do all the hard work, get you started off correctly, and provide whatever is needed in terms of support and supervision. They make it convenient, easy, and best of all, productive.”

– Roger B.