1. Choose Your Garden Bed Size

All of our beds are 12″ high and built from 2×6 Western Red Cedar, “nature’s treated lumber”, which will last at least 10-15 years.




1′ height increase $1200




1′ height increase $3700

Interested in a custom size? Contact us for more information on pricing and availability!

Note: 15% discounts apply for multiple garden beds. Please get a more specific quote by getting started on the right.

Call us at (303)434-1649 or …

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2. Choose An Add-On Package (See all add-on’s)

2 or more add-ons

10% off total add-ons!

4 or more add-ons

12% off total add-ons!

6 or more add-ons

15% off total add-ons!

Or Choose Individual Add-Ons – starting at $70 Each

3. Earn A Discount

If you’re a DIYer at heart, feel free to do your own planting or build your own raised bed. Or, earn credit by referring your friends!

Plant the Garden Yourself (-$100 per 4x8 garden)

Many gardeners prefer to learn-by-doing, finding their own varieties and having complete control over when their seeds and plants go in the ground. No problem! Be sure to reference this post if you decide to plant on your own.

Build Your Own Garden Beds (-$75 per 4x8 garden)

If you build it using your expert carpentry skills, we’ll do the rest. The beds you build have to be the same sizes as the beds we offer (4×4′, 4×8′, 4×12′)! Please have the beds built and placed before we arrive.

Refer Friends (-$20 now for referring friends)

Share the Urban Farm Co. with your friends to get $20 off your first garden purchase! (Your friend also gets $20 off their first purchase!)

Included In Each Garden Installation:

  • Cedar frame (12″ deep)
  • Grass removal and tilled ground
  • Our special nutrient rich organic soil mix
  • Our grid system to separate garden box into 2’x1′ sections
  • Email reminders with tips, tricks, and beginner tutorials
  • Freedom to ask unlimited garden questions

Common Pricing Questions

What Happens With My Garden After Year One?

Near the end of the season we will explain how to amend your soil to maintain a healthy garden. (We also offer an end-of-season garden cleanup and soil amendment service.) As an existing gardener, you can also have The Urban Farm Co. come to your house to amend and plant your garden after the first season. See the “Existing Customers” page for all of our services.

What Size Garden Should I Get?

80% of our garden installations are 4’x8’, and almost half of those are 2′ tall. Why get a 2′ tall garden? For those of us that don’t like bending too much, they’re perfect! They also provide extra soil and growing space for roots, as well as sometimes being rabbit barriers.

Most families choose to get 1-2 beds. We highly suggest the 4’x8’ garden as opposed to the 4’x4’ garden because a 4’x8’ garden is the same amount of work for twice the amount of food. On average, one of our 4’x8’ gardens will be enough to feed about one adult throughout the growing season, though this depends on what is grown and how many veggies you eat!

How Much Time Will it Take to Take Care of My Garden?

On average, customers spend about 3 minutes per day in the garden. This is typically about 20-30 minutes once per week, although we suggest trying to interact with the garden once per day if possible.

How Many Different Crops Can I Grow In My Bed?

We plant using a modified square foot gardening method that breaks the bed into 4 square foot sections. You can plant between 1-3 crops per block. Therefore, in a 4×4 bed, there are 4 sections of 4 square feet. In a 4×8 bed, there are 8 sections. Theoretically you can plant up to 32 different crops in a 4×8 bed, but we suggest planting several sections of each crop to ensure that you have a significant quantity of vegetables to eat. If you love kale for example, we suggest planting 1-2 sections of kale.

When Is My Garden Planted?

Gardens are typically planted in the spring, from late March to mid April. We then return in late May to plant the remaining warm season crops. However, we install and plant gardens throughout the entire year! Mid-summer gardens are very popular. Fall gardens produce amazing “cold season” crops, and the garden is ready for planting the next spring. Though Spring Fever creates our spring busy season, any time is a good time!

Can The Urban Farm Company Maintain My Garden?

Yes. We offer full maintenance options, as well as education options to teach you through the season.