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When To Plant Your Vegetable Garden

By January 8, 2014 January 25th, 2016 Garden Planning, Uncategorized

When to plant your vegetable garden can be a confusing topic, but we’ve made it fairly simple. We’ve also put together a simple Master Planting List for you to reference throughout the season.


  1. *Plant cold crops in early April.
  2. Plant warm crops in late May.
  3. As the first round of cold crops is harvested through June, re-plant cold or warm crops in their place.
  4. Wait in July
  5. Plant cold crops again in August

*If you have an Urban Farm Company Cold Frame, you can plant cold crops as early as March 1st, or as late as the Fall Equinox around September 22nd.

We have created a Master Planting Guide that shows everything you need to know for each crop: the exact time each crop should be planted, how cold hardy it is, how long it takes to mature, if you should seed or transplant it, and how to space the seeds in Urban Farm Company garden beds. This is your two page gardening bible that you can reference through the season. It’s created specifically for the Front Range climate.

Here is the Master Planting Guide. Happy Gardening.


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  • sue says:

    Hi, I have three frames, each having a garden mulch on top of them from Fall. When is a good time to remove the mulch and let the soil remain exposed? Sue

    • Thanks for the question! It’s always a good idea to have something covering your soil, whether it’s mulch or plants. If you think about it, soil is very rarely exposed and uncovered in nature. Therefore, we’d suggest removing the mulch for your garden a few days before planting in the spring to let your soil warm up a little bit before putting the seeds and plants in the ground.

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