Why We Exist

We believe growing your own food is the most powerful act of self-sufficiency, idealism, and craftsmanship.

It’s an elegant solution to the complex question of what to eat. A perfect combination of physical, tangible, rewarding, and delicious, gardening is an experience that everyone deserves.

Our goal is to empower thousands of people to start growing food in their backyard.

Instead of spending years figuring out the details, we aim to make gardening easier and more fun.

Feed Your Inner Farmer

Who We Are

Nick Gruber

Denver Urban Farm Installation

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Nick is the lead garden installer for the Denver area.

Nick has been urban farming and doing garden installations in Denver for over a decade through his edible landscaping company Produce Denver.

His specialty is producing vegetables through the winter.

Bryant Mason


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Bryant started the Urban Farm Company in 2012. He is an avid gardener, soil geek, and aspiring orchardist.

Bryant is also a crop consultant focused on soil and crop mineral nutrition, working with hemp, tree fruit, and other high-value crops in Colorado and the Pacific Northwest.

Neil Connolly

Boulder/Denver Urban Farm Installation

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Neil has worked for the Urban Farm Co. for several years as a garden installer. He also offers landscaping services through his company Sunraised Gardens.

Our Customers Love Us

— We Think You Will Too —

“My experience with The Urban Farm Company was exceptional. For anyone who wants a garden, but doesn’t want to weed or amend soil, this is your solution.”

– David W.

“The whole process was a snap. Within two weeks of contacting them, our garden was sited, installed, planted, and set up with an automatic irrigation system – along with advice on how to go from seed to harvest.”

– Lorie F.

“They do all the hard work, get you started off correctly, and provide whatever is needed in terms of support and supervision. They make it convenient, easy, and best of all, productive.”

– Roger B.