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We are so sorry. Hail is one of the most depressing events as a gardener. Luckily, a garden is a perennial thing that will re-grow with time. What To Do…

Walk Away: Sometimes it’s just too depressing. Staring won’t help.

Wait: Many plants, even if they look destroyed, can recover. This is especially true of leafy greens. If the growth shoot (coming out of the middle of the plant) is undamaged, then the plant will most likely recover. If all of the leaves are stripped from a plant, it most likely will not recover and should be re-planted. If you’re unsure, replant if you see no signs of new growth after a week or so.

Re-Plant: If you think your plants are truly destroyed, you can re-plant your garden. If it is May or June, you can definitely re-plant almost anything (except peas, potatoes, and spinach). If it’s July, we suggest waiting until early August to plant all of the great fall crops. If you aren’t sure what you can or cannot plant, get in touch and we’ll let you know!

Hail Protection: We offer hail protective covers as an add-on, that doubles as shade protection for very hot days in the mid-summer. The covers are attached to a PVC frame with strong hand clamps and block out 30% of the light.  The covers can be left on all summer, because they are permeable to water and pollinating insects.

Our cold frames can also act as hail protection. However, hail usually comes in the summer when cold frames shouldn’t be on the garden to prevent over-heating.


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